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Published over 1 year ago Importing Records from a CSV and Excel into a Rails AppAvailable in our Recipe Library

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Codeplace Recipes aim to speed up your development learning by delivering you fully narrated step by step code instructions on what to add, what to remove, what changed and most important, the opportunity to drill down on the topic at hand.

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No more speeding up the video to 2x. Scroll and pause at will.

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All our Recipes are built upon real base applications such as Blogs or CRMs. Source files included.

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Every time a new topic is introduced, links to further resources are presented. No more "why did I do this?".

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"Although video is great for Beginning Developers, it normally gets in the way when you're comfortable with the language. Codeplace captured the essence of what makes a great coding tutorial by transforming them into a remarkable developer friendly experience"

Pedro M, CTO

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